Types of Carports – Melbourne

In modern times, having cars is a necessity next to food and home. Just like everyone wants a personal shelter, cars also need shelter for protection.

People will often go for carports (rather than a garage) since carports are the most cost effective option to park and protect the car from weather conditions like wind, snow, dust, rain etc.

Carports can even be used to store and protect boats, motorcycles, trailers etc. Carports are available in different sizes, styles, designs and types. Here are a few most popular ones:

Gable roof carport

Its triangular shaped roof help drains off the rain easily, add attraction, value, and allurement to the house. Normally a canopy style is used in small houses but gable roof can also be of an equal value.
Moreover, it can be used to install solar panels on it. This particular design offers an aerial racking system, suitably designed to produce maximum energy (thus helping reduce electricity bills and maximize energy output).

Flat roof carport

As the name indicates, the roof of this type carport is flat. It is the cheapest and easiest way of setting up a carport. This simple structure allows easy installation and extension. Rain drainage can be a problem with this structure, but that too can be avoided if the roof is slightly inclined. However, it is more suitable for areas with moderate rain or snowfall.

Curved Carport

This carport with a curved roof looks architecturally pleasing and more elegant. The centrally elevated structure provides low angle weather protection and shelter from the sun.
All of the above-mentioned carports can be built using different materials, depending on the house structure, weather conditions or area you are located in. The material used can be:​


​Steel is one of the tenacious materials used for carports. The material might be expensive as compared to others but provides a firm base. Steel carports are heavy and can withstand strong wind. Steel carports also give a charming look with modern design houses.


Tin is another material used for carport. It is less expensive as compared to steel. The light weight and resistance to moisture make it ideal for rust prone conditions. Tin is more suitable for short term applications.


Another of the sturdiest material is wood. It is strong, attractive, elegant, durable and most widely used carport material. The wood is chemically treated to be resistant to termite. However, its weight and the building expenses involvedmake it more expensive than other materials.

A carport can be used as a structure attached to the house (giving extra yard space) or a standalone structure. Car port offer many other uses (other than just parking your car), be it using it as a canopy, play area for children or dine in areas.

​Installing transparent, multicolored glass roof will redefine its look in more than one ways. Adding a carport to your house adds value to your property (apart from serving as a shelter for your expensive car).

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